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We offer a medium-depth skin peel in St. Louis that can effectively address acne, pigment irregularities, lines, wrinkles, and sun damage. Our VI Peel at The Edge for Men is suitable for all skin colors and works to restore and refresh skin by removing the damaged surface layer. After a peeling process of 3 to 5 days, you’ll enjoy a more youthful appearance with minimal downtime, leaving you with clear, healthy, and radiant skin! 


What it Treats

It treats acne and acne scarring, sun damage, enlarged pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.


Cost varies depending on the extent of treatment and the number of sessions needed.


Typically, one to three sessions are recommended for optimal results.

Procedure Time

It usually takes 45 minutes to complete the procedure.

Recovery Time

Expect 3-5 days of peeling after 2-3 days.


Promotes Healthier skin

VI Peel promotes healthier skin by using a combination of high-quality ingredients that increase cellular turnover, effectively shedding flawed layers of skin. 

Virtually painless

This medium-depth peel typically causes only minor, if any, discomfort. The process is usually quick and virtually painless, making it a viable option for many patients. 

Acne Solution

The VI Peel can help with recurring acne breakouts and can reduce scarring. The procedure helps break down plugged hair follicles, reduce oil production, kill bacteria, and decrease inflammation. It also increases the absorption of topical treatments. 

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Step-by-Step Process


The VI Peel can help with recurring acne breakouts and can reduce scarring. The procedure helps break down plugged hair follicles, reduce oil production, kill bacteria, and decrease inflammation. It also increases the absorption of topical treatments. 

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Step-by-Step Process

VI Peel Application

The VI Peel application follows an initial, comprehensive cleansing of the skin. During the process, you may experience a mild stinging sensation  Afterwards, the peel is neutralized and cleansed off the skin. 

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Step-by-Step Process


During the first 2-3 days, it’s possible that you may not experience any peeling. This stage is typically followed by a peeling phase that generally lasts for three to five days.

How it works

The VI Peel in St. Louis is an effective treatment that targets damaged skin on the face and neck and is safe for treatment between the eyes. It removes outer skin layers to stimulate renewal, resulting in a more even skin tone.  

Skin Rejuvenation

The VI Peel employs a mix of skin-enhancing components, such as Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Vitamin C, and other minerals. Through an exfoliating process, it fosters skin cell regeneration or cellular turnover, promoting overall skin rejuvenation. 

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The VI Peel is an effective and virtually painless treatment that yields impressive results with minimal discomfort. By removing damaged layers of skin, healthy skin can flourish in its place. The procedure typically takes 45 minutes, and within days, treated regions will peel, revealing incredible, youthful-looking skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The revolutionary VI Peel addresses a range of skin conditions, such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven skin tone and texture. It’s a chemical peel that uses powerful ingredients, including trichloroacetic acid (TCA), salicylic acid, Vitamin C, Retin A, and other skin-nourishing agents, to resurface the skin and promote healthy new cell growth.

Unlike other peels, however, the VI Peel is gentle enough to be used on a wide range of skin types, including those sensitive or prone to dryness. 

You are an ideal candidate for VI Peel if you have acne and acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, or enlarged pores. 

A VI Peel procedure usually takes about 45 minutes to complete. 

The most frequent side effects that follow a VI Peel are mild swelling, redness, and stinging. 

Whether you are troubled by acne, fine lines, or sun damage, the VI Peel can be tailored to suit your individual needs and can be customized to address a wide range of skin concerns.  

Typically, for optimal results, one to three sessions of VI Peel are recommended for optimal results. 

The VI Peel is designed to be suitable for a variety of skin types. Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, it can efficiently target a wide range of skincare concerns.  

The VI Peel is designed to be a gentle and relatively painless treatment. Most patients report feeling only a mild tingling sensation during the procedure, which typically lasts for 20-30 minutes.  

It is essential to avoid direct sun exposure for at least 2 weeks before treatment. Additionally, you should not have any waxing, threading, or electrolysis done in the treatment area for at least one week before your appointment.   

During the treatment, a solution will be applied to your face to exfoliate and remove the outer layers of the skin. This process typically takes around 45 minutes and patients generally feel a warm, tingling sensation during the procedure.

Afterward, you may experience some redness and tightness in your skin, which should subside quickly. Over the next few weeks, you’ll notice your skin becoming smoother, brighter, and more even in tone.  

It is recommended that patients avoid wearing makeup for at least five to seven days after treatment. Your skin needs time to heal and regenerate after the peel, and applying makeup too soon can interfere with this process. 

You should see a noticeable improvement in your skin’s texture and tone within the first week of getting the treatment. As the weeks go by, you’ll continue to see improvements in terms of reduced pigmentation, improved hydration, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.  

The VI Peel in St. Louis can be combined with other cosmetic procedures to enhance its benefits. From wrinkle-erasing Botox and dermal fillers like Dysport and Jeuveau to skin-rejuvenating treatments like IPL FotoFacial and HydraFacial, the VI Peel can be customized to meet your unique needs and goals.

And for those dealing with stubborn acne, Agnes RF Microneedling can be combined with the VI Peel for even more dramatic results.  

The VI Peel has been specifically formulated to be safe for all skin types, including those with darker skin tones.  

You should avoid sun exposure for at least one week after treatment. If going outside is necessary, wear a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses, and apply a physical sunblock with at least an SPF of 30.  


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