Venus Legacy

Skin Tightening in st. louis

Tighten and Sharpen Your Appearance

Venus Legacy is energy based skin tightening in St. Louis used to rejuvenate aging, loose skin. The unique combination of multi-polar radio frequencies and magnetic pulses target lax skin by generating new collagen formation.


What it Treats

Loose Skin
Poorly Defined Jawline





Procedure Time

30-60 Minutes

Recovery Time

No Downtime

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Step-by-Step Process


A personal consultation performed by one of our expert providers will help you determine whether skin tightening in St Louis with Venus Legacy is the appropriate treatment to address your concerns.

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Step-by-Step Process

Target skin laxity

Through a combination of multi-polar radio frequencies and magnetic pulses, we penetrate the skin and boost collagen production.

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Step-by-Step Process


This quick, office based procedure involves no downtime and you can return to your normal activities immediately following a treatment.


Innovative technology

Venus Legacy combines multi-polar radio frequencies with magnetic pulses to penetrate deep beneath the skin to stimulate your body’s own natural regenerative processes.

Long-lasting results

Venus Legacy boosts collagen production, which maintains the structure of your skin. As a result, you gain age-defying results that’ll last well after your treatment is complete.

No downtime

Since Venus Legacy is a noninvasive procedure, you can immediately return to your usual activities.

How it works


During the procedure, we’ll run a hand piece the treatment area(s), penetrating multi-polar radio frequencies and magnetic pulses deep into the tissue. This energy stimulates your body’s natural regenerative abilities.


Even after the procedure is done, chemical signals trigger the production of collagen, leaving you with a sharper more defined appearance. For most men, the process is virtually painless and takes around 30 to 60 minutes.


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