Acoustic Wave Therapy

Nonsurgical ED Treatment in st. Louis

An ED treatment that doesn’t involve injections or medication. 

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a simple, risk-free, and efficient treatment for male Erectile Dysfunction that can enhance sexual performance. In merely six 1530 minute treatments, you can achieve outcomes that will bring a more vigorous and gratifying sex life.

Acoustic Wave Therapy is the only non-invasive approach that treats the root cause of ED in men by increasing flow, initiating growth factors in the tissue to create new blood vessels, and breaking down micro plaque in the penis. It revives the body to generate new pathways to restore blood flow and the capacity to sustain an erection.

For some patients, this can substitute or enhance the consequences of medicines like Cialis and Viagra. For those who no longer have a response to these medications, the process may restore their blood flow response to the medicine.

At The Edge for Men in St. Louis, patients can look forward to enhanced performance and health with optimized testosterone levels that take them beyond the norm.

Instead of merely achieving normal lab-level readings, which have declined significantly over recent decades according to research, our goal is to achieve a higher level where individuals feel their very best! 

This non-surgical ED treatment is often combined with other therapies to enhance sexual function such as:


What it Treats

Acoustic Wave Therapy non-invasively and effectively treats sexual performance and erectile dysfunction.


Prices generally start at $500 depending on the package, however prices vary depending on number of sessions and extent of treatment.


Typically, the average amount of sessions needed for optimal results are 6-12.

Procedure Time

The procedure takes about approximately 15-30 minutes.

Recovery Time

There is no downtime and you may resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.


A non-surgical alternative

With Acoustic Wave Therapy in St. Louis, there is an opportunity to receive treatment for erectile dysfunction with simple wave pulses delivered through an Acoustic Wave Device. There is no need to consider any other surgical treatments since this is a safe and effective noninvasive alternative. 

A Natural Alternative

Acoustic Wave Therapy provides a non-surgical natural method that utilizes the body’s own healing properties to restore blood flow. 

Safe and effective treatment for men with ED

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment for all males that can assist in alleviating problems with erectile dysfunction in most men. Some typical benefits are enhanced erections, improved sexual performance, increased sensation in the penis, more spontaneous erections, and better orgasms. 

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Step-by-Step Process


You will have the opportunity to have a no-cost, discreet consultation with Dr. Moore to discuss what you want to achieve through the non-invasive Acoustic Wave Therapy treatment in St. Louis. 

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Step-by-Step Process

Apply Wave Therapy

Utilizing protocols that have proven to be productive in most men, the wave impulses are strategically placed to stimulate the development of new blood vessels. Acoustic Wave Therapy causes microvascular damage to the small vessels that cause an erection. The body reacts by dispatching healing cells such as stem cells to construct new vessels and augment the blood flow to the penis. 

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Step-by-Step Process


After the procedure is complete, you can go back to your daily activities immediately with no discomfort. You won’t experience any disruption in your sexual life. 

How it works

Acoustic Wave Therapy utilizes pulses (or waves) to the targeted spot to revive vigor. It disintegrates the tiny plaque accumulation in your arteries and triggers the production of new blood vessels. 

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Wave Therapy

Wave Therapy is accomplished with the help of an acoustic wave device that emits pulses into the target tissues. 

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Gainswave is a treatment option for erectile dysfunction which typically involves 5 to 12 sessions. Responses to this treatment may vary from one individual to another, and the results are typically expected to last 2 to 3 years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a suitable option for most men who wish to treat their erectile dysfunction and enhance their sexual performance. Dr. Moore who is an experienced and knowledgeable physician and an expert in the field of erectile dysfunction at The Edge for Men in St. Louis can help determine if you may benefit from this service. 

Acoustic Wave Therapy treatment is noninvasive and requires no downtime. You may resume normal activities immediately after treatment. 

Patients who have undergone Acoustic Wave Therapy treatment are allowed to go back to their ordinary sexual activities on the same day. 

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a remedy to treat erectile dysfunction and should be administered in a range of 6 to 12 treatments, with outcomes differing from person to person. The outcomes are supposed to endure for a period of 2 to 3 years.  

The idea of getting shockwave therapy administered to the penis may appear intimidating. However, it is typically described as painless. Most patients explain the experience of Acoustic Wave Therapy treatment as a gentle tapping sensation that is generally well tolerated. 

The Acoustic Wave Therapy treatment is a non-invasive, drug and surgery-free treatment; there are minimal to no known side effects.   

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