Laser Hair Removal

The Edge Is St. Louis’ Premier Laser Hair Removal Center for Men

Never Shave Again with Laser Hair Removal

Don’t want to commit to a large, expensive laser hair removal package in the Greater St. Louis region? You don’t have to! At The Edge For Men, we strive to provide superior and affordable procedures for those who want to be hair-free. The Edge For Men utilizes the latest laser technology to provide safe, effective and affordable results. We offer small packages and pay-as-you-go pricing to meet your individual needs. Additional savings are available with the purchase of a small package of treatments. We can treat just about any area, so please contact us for more information or schedule a consultation with us.


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The Edge For Men is focused on restoring vitality and quality of life to the mature male. If you're ready to regain the Edge in Your Life - CALL NOW!