What To Expect After Testosterone Replacement Therapy

So you’ve decided that now’s the time to get your life back and begin receiving testosterone replacement therapy. You’ve had enough of feeling sluggish and drained, having difficulty achieving and maintaining a strong erection, and feeling down in the dumps. You want results, and you want them now.

Like all good things, results from your testosterone replacement therapy will take time; however, the gains you’ll make will astound you and completely change your world. Here’s what to expect after testosterone replacement therapy from The Edge For Men:

Within 3-4 Days

What To Expect After Testosterone Replacement TherapyWhile you probably won’t notice most of the effects for quite a while, you should begin experiencing positive changes within 3 to 4 days after your first treatment! Your insulin sensitivity will improve, you should be sleeping more soundly at this point, and you may find that you have a bit more pep in your step.

Within 3-4 Weeks

This is where you’ll begin noticing significant changes in how you feel. You’ll have a remarkably increased amount of energy all day long, greater focus, a revved-up libido, an improved mood, and decreased instances of erectile dysfunction.

Beyond One Month

Gone are the days when a low libido, weak erections and orgasms, and low energy levels were the norm. Now you’ll begin reaping all of the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy, including not just an increased sex drive and greater cognitive ability, but also improvements in your bone and muscle mass, a decrease in your fat mass, and improvements in your body’s micro-vascular function. You can expect these benefits to continue and develop in the following months.

If you want to get THE EDGE back in your life with testosterone replacement therapy, The Edge For Men in St. Louis can help. Call us today at (314) 736-4MEN to schedule your consultation with Richard Moore, M.D.