Low-Testosterone? The Edge For Men in St. Louis is the Answer

When you’re suffering from low-testosterone (low-T), you may
feel tired and unmotivated without a clue of what to do. Countless men face this deficiency in the male sex hormone. Fortunately, Richard Moore, M.D. and TheEdge For Men in St. Louis, MO can effectively treat low-T and help restore your vitality and quality of life!

What Is Low-T?

low-T in St. LouisAlso known as andropause, low-T is a deficiency in testosterone that progresses as men age. It can affect several areas of a man’s daily life from his sex drive to how he functions at work or in the gym. As men age, testosterone production will start to decline 1-3% every year starting
around age 30.

Low-T Symptoms

Testosterone serves many purposes in a man’s body; therefore, a deficiency can manifest through a myriad of symptoms. If you’ve been experiencing any of the following, you may be suffering from the effects of low-T:

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Difficulty in achieving or maintaining erections
  • Chronic fatigue or a decrease in energy level
  • Unfocused mentality and foggy memory
  • Increased feelings of irritability and depression
  • Increased fat, especially around the abdomen

The Edge For Men Can Help

You don’t have to let low-T hamper the quality of your life. The Edge For Men is the premier location in St. Louis, MO that provides effective low testosterone treatment. We are dedicated to optimizing your testosterone levels with the right treatment.

When you schedule your consultation with us, Richard Moore, M.D. will listen to your concerns and medical history. If your symptoms are consistent with low-T, laboratory studies may be drawn in the office during your visit and a follow-up visit to review your labs will be scheduled. Based on this crucial information, he will develop a tailored testosterone replacement therapy plan to help restore your hormonal balance and boost your sexual wellbeing.

Don’t let the effects of low-T rule your life.
Schedule your consultation with The Edge For Men today by calling us at (314) 736-4MEN!