PRP with nanofat

Take control and turn back time with the help of nanofat!

PRP with Nanofat

If you’re experiencing hair loss, you’re not alone. Hair loss affects 70% of men and can begin as early as the teenage years with risk of hair loss increasing with age. You don’t have to let hair loss rule your life. Take the reins and regain your confidence with nanofat hair restoration!

Nanofat hair restoration is an all-natural procedure that turns back the hands of time and rejuvenates your hair in about an hour. Studies have shown that stem cells near the scalp will remain at continuous numbers, but their ability to convert to progenitor cells to help create follicle regrowth and cycling is stunted in balding patients. Nanofat hair restoration provides a targeted placement of these regenerative cells to help promote more robust hair cycling, all without a single incision and no downtime. Once the procedure is performed, the stem cells will have a greater ability to repair and reactivate hair follicles, giving you a fuller head of hair.

Man with healthy looking hair after ALMI with PRP treatment, on hike with a woman

The nanofat hair restoration process begins with harvesting a small amount of fat from your body. This fat is processed through a series of filters to yield micronized fat, which is rich in stem cells and can be injected with a small gauge needle, along with PRP to promote robust hair growth.

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