Urinary Incontinence Treatment in st. Louis

Improve Sexual Performance, Treat Urinary Incontinence.

Suffering from a leaky bladder can become a significant hindrance to daily life, but with EMSELLA urinary incontinence treatment, you can finally regain control of your body. For men who have undergone prostate surgery, urinary incontinence can be a problem. Emsella has been shown to decrease urinary incontinence in men following prostate surgery. Fortunately, EMSELLA’s innovative technology uses electromagnetic energy to tighten pelvic floor muscles without surgery or invasive procedures.

In fact, clinical studies have shown 95% of patients say EMSELLA improved their quality of life. In addition, the 11,000 Kegel exercises performed during an Emsella treatment help to promote healthy blood flow and enhance sexual performance.


What it Treats

Sexual Wellness & Urinary Incontinence





Procedure Time

30 Minutes

Recovery Time

No Downtime


Retrains pelvic floor muscles

Emsella retrains pelvic muscles to reduce urinary incontinence while also improving pelvic blood flow and sexual performance.

Brings rapid results

During an Emsella 28-minute procedure, the pelvic muscles undergo 11,000 supra-maximal contractions, thus building the pelvic muscle floor.

Improves Pelvic Blood Flow and Sexual Performance

Some men report an improvement in sexual performance due to the increased blood flow that occurs with the Emsella treatments in St Louis. In fact, in Canada, Emsella is cleared as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

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Step-by-Step Process


Come in for your free consultation in our convenient St Louis location. We will assess your goals to help you determine whether Emsella is the appropriate urinary incontinence treatment for you.

Emsella Machine
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Step-by-Step Process

HIFEM Technology (High-Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic)

Emsella uses HIFEM technology to cause thousands of supra-maximal pelvic floor contractions to strengthen and re-educate the pelvic muscles.

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Step-by-Step Process


Once your procedure is complete, you don’t have to worry about downtime. We usually recommend a series of six treatments spread over 3 weeks.

How it works

EMSELLA is a quick, non-invasive procedure that tightens pelvic floor muscles. The device uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to stimulate supra-maximal contractions, which you can’t achieve on your own. As a result, deep pelvic muscles become stronger, giving you more neuromuscular control over your bladder. When the energy hits the pelvic area, you may experience some tingling as your muscles contract. However, the process is quick, and you don’t have to worry about downtime.

Emsella Machine


The unique EMSELLA technology is designed to maximize comfort, making the treatment virtually painless. Using the skin-strengthening powers of electromagnetic energy, EMSELLA restores pelvic muscle control, giving you long-lasting results.


EMSELLA brings relief, allowing you to gain freedom from urinary incontinence. You can cough, laugh, and enjoy your daily life with fewer leaks and more confidence.


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