Low Level Laser Therapy

The Edge For Men uses low level laser therapy to help promote and stimulate new hair growth!

Hair Restoration at Home with Low Level Laser Therapy

There’s no longer a need to spend your money on pills and shampoos to give you the hair you desire. The Edge For Men uses low level laser therapy to help promote and stimulate new hair growth!

Applying a specific wavelength of laser light to the scalp can work wonders in creating new hair growth, but certain methods like the laser comb can be a bit cumbersome. That’s why we offer a much more convenient solution – LaserBand and iHelmet.

Middle-aged man smiling after low level laser therapy to promote and stimulate new hair growth

These low level laser devices are FDA-cleared and provide the easiest solution for all of your hair regrowth needs. You can wear these battery-operated devices in the comfort of your own home, while you relax, or while you tend to your daily activities.

Laser light stimulates hair regrowth by increasing blood flow to your scalp, which delivers more nutrients to your hair follicles and enhances the rate, speed, and caliber of your hair growth. This surgery-free treatment also stimulates cellular processes that improve pigmentation, which means that your hair will be richer in color and less gray or washed out.

In only 4 to 18 weeks, patients can expect to see a decrease in hair loss. In 18 to 26 weeks, reversal of thinning hair will become noticeable. New follicles will grow in at 26 weeks up to a year, giving patients a more robust head of hair!

What are the benefits of low level laser therapy?

  • No pain or discomfort with no harm caused to the skin or scalp
  • No adverse effects
  • Requires minimal time commitment
  • Can be done from the comfort of your own home

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