5 Signs You Should Get Your Testosterone Levels Tested

As you age, your testosterone levels will naturally decrease. But when they go below the level they should be, it could interfere with how you function on a daily basis. This is what we refer to as hypogonadism or low testosterone (“low-T”).

when to test your testosterone levelsHow do you know when you should get your levels tested? The Endocrine Society has listed several red-flag symptoms that indicate deficient testosterone levels. These signs may also indicate other serious underlying health conditions. If you experience any of the following telltale symptoms, you could be experiencing the effects of low-T:

You’re Less Interested in Sex

Sometimes a decreased sex drive can be a temporary reaction to a stressor you’ve been experiencing lately. If it becomes more of a prolonged problem or if it bothers you or your partner, it might be time to get your testosterone levels evaluated.

Erections are More Difficult to Achieve

Low-T can often be the culprit for a lack of sexual desire and difficulty in achieving and maintaining a healthy erection. Without an optimized level of testosterone, you may find it challenging to become aroused.

You’re Feeling More Worn Out Lately

We all feel tired every now and then. But when you feel worn out, have a foggy memory, or experience a decreased energy level more often than not, you could be suffering from the effects of low-T.

Your Mood Has Tanked

While it’s normal to experience negative emotions from time to time, these feelings may indicate a deeper health issue. When you find that you lack the self-confidence you used to have or are feeling down or short-tempered more often, you may want to get your testosterone levels checked.

You’ve Gained More Fat

Testosterone helps your body build and maintain muscle. When your levels wane, your body will begin breaking down muscle tissue. You may also find that you’ve gained more fat, especially around your abdomen. If this sounds like you, low-T could be to blame.

Here’s the bottom line: if you’ve been experiencing any symptoms of low-T, then it’s worth getting your testosterone levels tested. Richard Moore, MD, at The Edge For Men in St. Louis can help determine if your levels are optimized and get you started with the proper treatment to regain your EDGE! Call us today at (314) 736-4MEN to schedule your consultation with us.