Finasteride Can Help Prevent Further Hair Loss

If you suffer from androgenic alopecia – also known as male pattern baldness – you may wonder if there’s any way you can prevent further hair loss. After all, there have been countless products on the market that claim to stop hair loss but have no actual effect. Fortunately, modern medicine has brought forth a few sure solutions to the problem – in particular, finasteride.

finasteride can help prevent hair loss
Originally created to treat enlarged prostate glands, finasteride successfully halts hair loss. You may know it better by the brand name Propecia. While it does not increase hair production, finasteride clinically treats androgenic alopecia at the crown and in the middle of the scalp. It accomplishes this by decreasing the amount of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body, which is responsible for shrinking and miniaturizing hair follicles.
A metabolite of testosterone, DHT makes hair on the scalp become shorter and finer as growth cycles occur. By taking finasteride daily, patients can lower their DHT levels in the scalp by 60%, which dramatically decreases hair loss in nearly 90% of men. The drug does not affect hair growth on other parts of the body.
The chief concern men have about taking finasteride is the risk for erectile dysfunction (ED) and decreased libido. This occurs in only 1.7% of men. If given a placebo pill instead of finasteride, nearly 1% of men will report these same symptoms. Should these symptosm occur, the medication will be discontinued and the symptoms should resolve.
According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, finasteride is safe and useful in preventing further hair loss, especially in patients who experience mild to moderate androgenic alopecia. While patients should not expect to receive a head full of hair during treatment, most men can certainly stop hair loss in its tracks. The downside that remains, however, is that shortly after they stop taking finasteride, hair loss will begin once more.
Of course, the best line of defense against androgenic alopecia is early intervention. As soon as you notice hair loss, it’s wise to schedule a consultation with a professional. Let The Edge For Men help you preserve your self-image with our many hair restoration solutions! Schedule your consultation with us by calling (314) 736-4MEN.