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Reduce Signs of Aging with Dermal Fillers

The signs of aging happen to everyone, but savvy men in the know realize that they don’t have to accept the changes of time. If you feel like you can’t turn back the years, we have the perfect answer for you: dermal fillers! As we age, there is a volume loss in the face of approximately one teaspoon per year. When converted to filler volume, this is approximately 5 ml or 5 syringes per year.

Dr. Moore is an expert dermal filler injector. Whenever possible, he uses cannulas to inject the dermal fillers safely in order to minimize bruising. His precise work gives countless men a natural, more youthful appearance, helping them shave off the years.

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Here are the unique fillers that we offer at The Edge For Men:


The Edge For Men is proud to provide the Restylane® product line for all of your anti aging needs. This line of hyaluronic acid fillers is versatile and can treat a variety of issues, depending on your goals.This nonsurgical filler shaves the years off your appearance by eliminating wrinkles and restoring youthful volume to your face. It is especially useful in the small lines or naso-labial folds, the marionette lines below the corners of your mouth, and cheeks, giving a very smooth, natural result that is both subtle and effective.

Areas of treatment include:

  • Pucker lines
  • Smile lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Chin augmentation
  • Under-eye hollow
  • Crows feet and frown lines

The Restylane® product line has a number of hyaluronic acid fillers with different characteristics. Dr. Moore and his staff have the expertise and training to select the appropriate product to optimize your results. Restylane® injections can be performed on your lunch hour and require no downtime. The areas of treatment are lightly numbed with a topical gel prior to injection, which most patients describe as only minimally uncomfortable. The Restylane® product is made of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally present in the body and contributes to volume and firmness in your skin. Once injected, Restylane® will fill the space between elastin fibers and collagen, naturally reversing the effects of age and creating a more full, youthful appearance in your face. You can expect the treatment to last for about 6 to 12 months in the area around the mouth and sometimes even longer around the eyes!


Made from a synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid, Sculptra is a bio-stimulator that promotes new collagen production, restoring depleted facial volume and bringing symmetry back into your face by lifting sagging skin.

Once Dr. Moore injects the filler, the water in the Sculptra solution creates a more “filled” look. Over the next few days, your body will absorb the water, allowing the collagen growth to take place as it gradually lifts your skin. This process is done in a series of sessions in the comfort of The Edge for Men’s office and builds on the last treatment to improve your appearance over time with a more natural effect.


The longest-lasting dermal filler and the only filler approved for acne scarring, Bellafill is the perfect solution to help you save time and money while replacing lost volume in your face and reducing or eliminating wrinkles. Dr. Moore at The Edge for Men is proud to offer Bellafill for the long-term correction of volume loss and wrinkles.

Multiple studies have shown that the effects of Bellafill are as dramatic and impressive at 5 years as they were 6 months following the procedure. Like most dermal fillers, Bellafill is FDA-approved for the treatment of naso-labial folds (often referred to as the smile lines). Other uses include treating the cheekbones, mid-face, jawline, and marionette lines.

As with any injectable product, there is the risk of bruising and mild swelling, which usually resolve within a few days. Bellafill is made up of PMMA microspheres suspended in bovine collagen. Additionally, lidocaine has been added to the product to reduce the discomfort while the product is injected. The bovine collagen is broken down and absorbed by the body in the weeks following your treatment, and the PMMA microspheres provide a matrix framework for new collagen formation. Since the PMMA microspheres are not broken down or absorbed by the body, the effects of Bellafill are long lasting.

Our goal at The Edge For Men is always to restore a natural looking appearance. To achieve full correction usually requires two or more sets of injections. Due to the long-lasting nature of this product, we avoid over-correction with a single treatment in many patients.


Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that helps give you a natural, smooth, and youthful appearance by filling in wrinkle lines and correcting volume loss. This dermal filler is useful for correcting fine lines and volume loss in the small lines, lips, and around the mouth, including smile lines. The changes are so subtle that you will look more youthful without anyone realizing why. Additionally, since Juvederm is an Allergan product, you will receive rewards good toward the purchase of future services if you are enrolled in the Brilliant Distinctions Loyalty Program.

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