Kiss Love Handles and Man Boobs Goodbye with CoolSculpting!

We know you’ve been working hard to sculpt your dream body. You’ve been eating all the right foods and staying on top of your workout regimen for months. While you’ve definitely seen impressive results, you feel like your body is far from perfect. Stubborn fat likes to stick around, no matter how many reps you do or how many salads you eat. Fortunately, you can say farewell to those pesky love handles, beer belly, and man boobs permanently with CoolSculpting!

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Continue Improving Your Body Even When You’re Healthy

It’s finally happened. You have hit that point in your life where you no longer feel aches and pains in the morning. Now, instead of wondering when this feeling might fade, think about how you can keep it going. There are plenty of ways to better yourself. Continue reading for tips on how to continue improving your body even when you’re healthy. Continue reading “Continue Improving Your Body Even When You’re Healthy”

4 Ways You Can Discover a New You in the New Year

It’s New Year’s Eve, and you’re standing among friends and family, waiting for the ball to drop and ring in the New Year. As you prepare for a new year full of countless possibilities, think about what you want to change for yourself. Do you want to feel more energetic and virile? Do you want to look your best, feel stronger, and have a more enriched life overall?
If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, Richard Moore, MD of The Edge For Men can help make it happen for you in the New Year and beyond. Here are 4 easy and effective ways you can give yourself the best year ever in 2019:
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