5 Signs You Should Get Your Testosterone Levels Tested

As you age, your testosterone levels will naturally decrease. But when they go below the level they should be, it could interfere with how you function on a daily basis. This is what we refer to as hypogonadism or low testosterone (“low-T”).

when to test your testosterone levelsHow do you know when you should get your levels tested? The Endocrine Society has listed several red-flag symptoms that indicate deficient testosterone levels. These signs may also indicate other serious underlying health conditions. If you experience any of the following telltale symptoms, you could be experiencing the effects of low-T:

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Injections vs. Supplements: The Dangers of OTC Testosterone

Testosterone plays an integral role in a man’s life. It is a hormone that has many jobs, including growing muscle tissue, regulating libido, helping produce red blood cells and sperm, and many others. As men age, the amount of testosterone they produce in their bodies decreases, which can then lead to a decreased sex drive, hair loss, difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection, increased body fat, and more.OTC testosterone supplements

When this happens, men may attempt to fix their testosterone levels themselves, particularly with over-the-counter (OTC) testosterone supplements. After all, the market is saturated with supplements that consumers can purchase, which in most cases may take the place of a doctor’s appointment. But should men take it just because the option is available?

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What To Expect After Testosterone Replacement Therapy

So you’ve decided that now’s the time to get your life back and begin receiving testosterone replacement therapy. You’ve had enough of feeling sluggish and drained, having difficulty achieving and maintaining a strong erection, and feeling down in the dumps. You want results, and you want them now.

Like all good things, results from your testosterone replacement therapy will take time; however, the gains you’ll make will astound you and completely change your world. Here’s what to expect after testosterone replacement therapy from The Edge For Men: Continue reading “What To Expect After Testosterone Replacement Therapy”

The Eye-Opening Pros and Cons of Acoustic Wave Therapy

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you aren’t alone. Studies have shown that as many as 52% of men experience some form of erectile dysfunction. Although many men suffer from this embarrassing issue, they don’t have to live with it, thanks to acoustic wave therapy at The Edge For Men. Continue reading “The Eye-Opening Pros and Cons of Acoustic Wave Therapy”

Pistachios Help Produce More Testosterone in Men

If you’ve seen pistachios featured in ads, commercials, or magazines, you’ve probably realized that these little nuts have a great reputation for being healthy. Not only do they hold anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, but they also promote heart health, aid in digestion, and help trim the waistline. If this weren’t enough, pistachios have also been shown to improve erectile function. Continue reading “Pistachios Help Produce More Testosterone in Men”

5 Ways the Nanofat ManShot Can Turn Your Life Around

If you’re concerned about the size of your penis, you’re definitely not alone. Studies have shown that 45% of men are unsatisfied with their members.  If you find yourself on the short end of the stick, there’s a revolutionary procedure that can help you achieve a larger, more robust organ: the nanofat ManShot. Continue reading “5 Ways the Nanofat ManShot Can Turn Your Life Around”

6 Big Reasons Why You Should Choose the P-Shot

If you struggle with erectile dysfunction (ED), you’re not alone. According to a study from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, ED affects more than 18 million men over the age of 20 in the United States, and the disorder is strongly linked with a man’s age and health. While lifestyle changes can help decrease ED, there is another method that not only improves symptoms but also increases girth, sensation, and satisfaction – the Priapus Shot.

Also known as the P-Shot, this office-based procedure is designed to deliver lasting improvements for ED and sexual performance for men. It harnesses your body’s natural growth factors and healing ability through platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

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5 Facts You Might Not Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is an issue that men face but don’t often discuss. Many men may feel embarrassed or think that something’s wrong with them, so they keep the issue to themselves. Unfortunately, avoiding the problem can do much more harm than good.

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Reverse the Effects of ED Painlessly with Acoustic Wave Therapy!

Did you know that poor blood flow is responsible for more than 80% of erectile dysfunction (ED) cases? Whenever there isn’t ample blood flow, it becomes difficult to sustain an erection for a desired amount of time. Fortunately, The Edge For Men has the answer to your ED problems: acoustic wave therapy. Continue reading “Reverse the Effects of ED Painlessly with Acoustic Wave Therapy!”